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Urea formaldehyde(UF/MU)
Product name:Urea formaldehyde(UF/MU)

Urea formaldehyde(UF/MU)


At present, the annual output of chemical fertilizer in China has achieved 150 million tons, and urea occupies above 1/5.

     In the late 1940s, the researcher discovered the condensation product of urea and formaldehyde, which is urea formaldehyde.

    Compared with soluble fertilizers, urea formaldehyde consists of water soluble parts and water insoluble parts, and it will release nitrogen in soil under the combined action of moisture, urease, temperature, etc. The release speed of nitrogen depends on water insoluble parts, made it possible to control the release of fertilizer artificially. But urea formaldehyde is not used separately for the release of nitrogen is relatively slow. They always used in the compound fertilizers containing dissolved nitrogen sources of rapid release, phosphorus and potassium.

    Urea formaldehyde researched and developed by the company can accurately achieve the release effect from 30 days to 180 days, and can adjust AI, WIN and HWIN according to the customers' requirement on the release period. Meanwhile, the company has introduced international quality testing standard to ensure the international advanced level of products.  


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